DIY Magnetic Storage

Looking for a cheap and easy way to declutter counter tops, desks, tables, etc? This DIY magnetic storage may be just the ticket.

Magnetic Storage

Total cost is under $5 and they are a snap to put together. Art supplies, office supplies, make-up, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, you name it, can be stored in the handy magnetic cups. Take the cup off of the magnetic board to use, then when you are done they simply snap back into place keeping everything nice and tidy!

Magnetic Storage

How to Make Magnetic Storage


  • Galvanized shingle (5×8 or 8×12)
  • Magnetic cups
  • Scrap wood or molding
  • Wood glue
  • Picture hanging hardware
  • Clear latex caulk with silicone
  • Paint or stain/finish of your choice

Magnetic Storage MateritalsThe galvanized shingles can be found in the building materials section by the  gutters and roofing supplies. The magnetic cups can be found anywhere they carry office supplies, including dollar stores. On this project I used some left over door casing and reclaimed fencing, but most any scrap lumber will work. You will need about 4 linear feet for the large and 3 feet for the small.

Step 1:

Magnetic Storage Step 1

Cut your wood to create a frame, make the inside opening 1/2” smaller than the shingle, this will give you 1/4” overlap all the way around. If you want to get fancy you can cut or router a groove for the shingle to rest in, but it is fine for the shingle to just sit flat against the frame. Miter the corners on a molding frame, but if you are using flat wood but joints are fine. Assemble the frame using wood glue and clamps. Sand bare wood to a smooth finish. Finish the frame; we used white paint for the molding and the wood frame was finished with a colored wax. If you want the magnetic cups to be a different color than what is available at the store, they are really easy to spray paint the color of your choice.


Step 2:

Magnetic Storage Step 2

After the frame has dried run a bead of caulk around the edge on the back of the frame, place the shingle onto the frame making sure to get the overlap even on all sides. Press the shingle firmly onto the frame, flip the frame over and wipe away any caulk that has squeezed out onto the front of the shingle. Flip the frame back over and place weights on the frame for a couple of hours to let the caulk dry.

Step 3:Magnetic Storage Step 3

Run a bead of caulk over the exposed edge of the shingle, this will cover the sharp edge and create a little bumper to protect your walls and help keep the shingle firmly attached.  Let the caulk dry overnight, then apply a hanger.  On flat wood a keyhole works great, but unless your molding profile is really thick, it is a good idea to use an attachable hanger for frames made with molding.  On the larger size, be sure to use 2 hangers, one on each side. This will keep the frame stable as it is being used.

These simple DIY magnetic storage boards are the perfect way to organize and store items  and keep your counters clutter free!

DIY Magnetic Storage

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