DIY Wire Baskets

DIY Wire BasketMetal and wire baskets are a beautiful and functional storage option. They add a bit of a retro industrial edge to any space, and at the same time provide easy access storage that is strong, portable, and an awesome way to combat clutter. However, they can be a bit pricey.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired_Wire BasketsDIYing your own baskets will not only will you save a lot of $$$, but also allows you to customize the size to fit your specific storage needs—win-win!

How To Make a Wire Basket with Handle for under $2

  • 1/2 inch hardware cloth
  • Rebar wire rod, double for the small basket and triple for the large
  • Jute or leather twine
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun

DIY Wire Baskets_MaterialsHardware Cloth can be found in a home improvement store with the wire fencing and chicken wire. The rebar wire rods are in the cement area. By laying the patterns out carefully, you can make 5 baskets (4 small and 1 large) out of one $6.27 sheet of 2’ x 5’ hardware cloth . Another $2.56 for the wire rods and about .75 cents for twine, glue, and paint.

The total cost for 5 baskets is $9.58, or less than $2 per basket!

DIY Wire Basket Pattern

Start by cutting the hardware cloth to size following the pattern. These baskets are 5 inches high or 11 squares, but you can adjust taller or shorter depending on your needs. The top square will be wrapped around the handle so be sure to add 1/2 inch to any measurements. Fold up all of the sides using a straight edge to form a sharp crease.

DIY Wire Baskets step 1

Next bend wires on the sides to form a loop, leaving the top three wires straight. Wrap these wires around the adjacent side and close the loop to secure. At this point you will have the basket base made with all of the top wires poking straight up and the top three wires free on all of the corners.

Adding Handle to BasketNow add the handle (rebar wire rod) by placing it into the top of the basket and getting it centered.  Now begin wrapping the wires around the wire rod starting with the center wires on each of the four sides.

DIY Wire Baskets Step 2

Secure all wires around the wire rod by working out from the center on each side, leaving the last 3 wires. Fold the side sections around the curve of the handle. Overlap the opposite side and secure with the remaining straight wires.

DIY Wire basket_no rope

The handle will be darker than the wire at this point. The entire basket can be spray painted to get a uniform color, or a decorative treatment can be applied to the handle. We used leather twine for a rustic/masculine basket, and jute twine to create a nautical effect, but a variety of materials could be used to personalize the baskets for your space, ribbon, fabric strips, washi tape, etc.

DIY Wire Baskets Leather Handle

To create leather twine, cut scraps of leather into 1/4” strips (or purchase leather twine from a craft store). Secure ends with a bit of hot glue. If desired create a decorative X by using the square frame of the wire. Then wrap the twine around the length of the handle, securing with hot glue as needed.

DIY Wire Baskets Twine Handle

Jute twine can be easily wrapped around the handle as well as the basket top, to give the baskets a nautical vibe. Cutting the twine into manageable lengths and securing with hot glue makes the wrapping go much faster and easier.


DIY Wire Baskets with Handles

These baskets take approximately 20 minutes each to make and are an attractive and functional way to organize and store items in any room.

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    • juliea
      juliea says:

      LOL–I know how you feel! They make a really cute gift basket for baked goods or …
      Make any gift feel really special by putting it in a pretty basket.

  1. Sierra
    Sierra says:

    I’m thinking of hanging my fruit in a basket on the wall (like I see all over Pinterest). I am wondering if the bottom of these baskets would be sturdy enough to hold a bunch of fruit, or would the weight of the fruit bend the wire?

  2. Meg
    Meg says:

    Hello from Canada,

    Love this idea very clever, can’t seem to find the handles on home could they go by another name perhaps?

    • juliea
      juliea says:

      Hi Meg, sorry you are having difficulty finding the handles. Try searching for “rebar rod chair” or “metal rod chair” maybe even “rebar double wire rod chair”. Hopefully at least one of those will translate into Canadian 🙂


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