Easy Shower Storage with Clear Hooks That Stay Put!

Easy Shower Storage with Clear Suction Hooks

Here is a great way to get some extra hanging space in the shower.  These hooks make the perfect place for wet swim suits to dry—instead of dripping all over the floor if they get hung on a towel bar. No more need to hang wet washcloths over handles and shower heads creating water spots and gunking up your beautiful fixtures.  With these simple suction cup hooks and you can add as much hanging space as you need. Because they are clear, they almost disappear when not in use.

Suction Hooks for the  Shower that Stay Put

The problem with suction cup hooks is that they don’t stay attached for very long, usually in a few days, maybe weeks, they come popping off the wall dumping whatever they were holding onto the floor. However,  if you attach these hooks with a bit of caulk they will stay in place until you decide to take them down!

How to Get Suction Hooks to Stay in Place

Use about a dime sized dot of caulk  (silicone or latex with silicone added). Firmly push the suction cup onto the tile making sure that the caulk gets spread evenly.  Wipe away any excess caulk from around the edges  Avoid placing the hooks over grout lines as this will reduce the effectiveness of the suction and will be more difficult  to clean off when you take them down. Let the caulk dry overnight before using.

How to Remove Suction Hooks

To remove the hooks, use a putty knife or safety razor to get under the edge of the cup and pull the hook off. Scrape away any remaining caulk and your tile will be as good as new.


Easy Shower Storage with Clear Suction Hooks

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