How to Combat Clutter with Coordinated Containers

Looking for ways to reduce clutter and get better organized? Coordinated containers can bring order and style to a space, all the while making items more portable, storable, and clutter free!

Laundry room organization with Coordinated BasketsVia Simplicity in the South

The coordinated baskets and labels in this laundry room not only hide the clutter, but create a visually pleasing display. The labels make it a snap to find what you are looking for and the baskets make everything very portable.

Combat Clutter with Coordinated ContainersVia An Angel at my Table

Containers don’t have to match perfectly. This gorgeous linen closet utilizes wire and grass baskets, a wooden box, and white enameled bins. They work together to create a harmonious display because they all coordinate by keeping to the natural and white color scheme. The different materials add visual interest by providing textural contrast.

Combat Clutter with Coordinated Containers

Via Turnstyle Vogue

Here is another great idea for a linen closet. Keep sheets and pillow cases for each bed in a separate bin. When you want to make the bed in that room, just grab the bin and go. No need to sort through stacks of sheets and pillowcase to find what you need. Colorful ribbons used to attach labels to the bins add a fun pop of color and the bins hide sheets and pillow cases that can be a bit of a mess to fold and stack, especially if children are helping in the folding and putting away!

Combat Clutter with Coordinated ContainersVia Domino

Woven market bags hung on the wall are a perfect solution to toy and craft clutter. Hung low on the wall so they are within easy reach, each bag can contain all of the elements of favorite games and activities–and when the kids are done, it can all easily go back into the bag ready for the next use.

Combat Clutter with Coordinated ContainersVia Design Sponge

This bookcase doubles as a storage center due to the clever use of coordinating wire bins. Because the bins are lined, they look flawless, regardless of what clutter may lie within. Also note how the bottom basket liners are created by just folding fabric around the basket for an easy no-sew approach.


DIY Sometimes the best way to get the perfect coordinated storage container for your space is to make your own. Combat Clutter with Coordinated Containers

Via That’s My Letter

This mud room is clean and clutter free due to the clever use of baskets and custom made bins. Off season items are stored in the DIYed monogrammed bins. While frequently used items are in the easier to reach baskets. Hooks added to the lockers create easy storage for bags and backpacks. There is an easy to follow tutorial on how to make the monogrammed bins here.


Combat Clutter with Coordinated Containers

Via Stow and Tell U

No need to go out and buy a bunch of new containers if you already own a hodgepodge of mismatched baskets. Just spray paint them all the same color and  VOILA–instant coordination! The differences in texture and shape will add interest and variety.

DIY 3 Wire BasketsVia Organize-n-Store

These wire baskets are easy to make and cost less than $2 each.  These are finished with a rope handle detail for a nautical vibe, but they could be finished in a variety of ways to coordinate with any room’s decor. Find our Easy tutorial here.

Beachy Cabinet with DIY Wire Baskets

They help to contain clutter into beautiful little accessories in this  beachy bathroom cabinet. If you are looking for ways to improve the storage and function of a bathroom, check out our sponsor site, for more great storage and organization tips.

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