How to Organize Boots and Shoes with Easy Peg Boards

$8 Boot and Shoe Organization

Last year I created this post for Sawdust Girl about shoe storage and organization. This system worked great when we just had a few boots that fit neatly into the boot tray. Unfortunately our boot needs have multiplied:  riding boots, mucking boots, snow boots, rain boots, hiking boots… Our entry is like a boot emporium! Our poor little boot tray was overwhelmed, and we couldn’t even get to the bottom row of shoes.

Before Boot Storage2

There are a few ways that we have discovered to make shoe pegs work for boots.

You can use long dowels that the boots slide onto like these from Wellyracks.

Wellington boot rack in use

This isn’t a great option for our space as the boots would protrude into our entry way too much. I need the boots and shoes to be as close to the wall as possible.

Another way is to place the pegs close enough together so that the pegs catch the sides of each boot like this:

single boot on pegs

When I made these pegboards, I wasn’t planning on this as an option, so this only worked for the man-sized boots in our house. If you would like to create peg boards that will work in this way, make sure to space your pegs so that they are close enough to capture any boots that you want to hang. Since our pegboards were already finished I didn’t want to add more pegs and/or remove and resituate the pegs. So for smaller boots just placing both boot tops between the pegs works well.

Two boot storage

This has been a very effective way to manage our boot and shoe storage needs.  To learn how to make your own boot and shoe pegs, check out the tutorial on Sawdust Girl.

Boot and Shoe Peg Organization

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